MedFuse 2018 has ended
While innovation in the medical space can be daunting or challenging, MedFuse will be a place where both seasoned experts and aspiring talent are welcome together. Not only are there many ways in which the medical field stands to benefit from new perspectives, but there are also many tangential fields to medicine that innovations present in other IoT solutions can serve with fewer barriers. Fields like home monitoring, health and wellness apps, or wearable devices. So if you or your company have ideas, are looking for ideas, or just want to be inspired, MedFuse is the place to come tap into a network of innovators, thinkers, but most importantly, doers. So whether or not you are a trained medical professional, MedFuse is right for you.
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Brian Mullins

Kablooe Design
Director of Design and Development
Brian has more than a decade of professional work as an industrial designer under his belt, yet he is the local champion for always learning new things. Nobody has a better grip on design theories and trends than this guy. Brian has worked with Target, Herman Miller, Texas Instruments, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, CEGA, Allergan, ATS Medical, and a ton of startups. He is constantly packing his space with cool, newly designed things, and spends his Kablooe time organizing projects and directing the creative flow of the team. Oh yeah, he kicks butt in foosball, too, and revels in the design of a well-played blues solo.

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